Terms & Conditions

The following are standard terms that apply to all stallions listed on this site.

Specific refund and free return terms can be found on their individual pages. By agreeing to the terms below, you also agree to the specific terms listed for the stallion which you have purchased.

Nomination Form: The online order form will be used as your Nomination Form. A fully completed form must be received by West Kington Stud Ltd before any semen will be shipped/any resident mare will be inseminated.

Stud Fee: The appropriate stud fee must be paid in full to West Kington Stud Ltd (or to the Stallion Owner in the case of Chacco Volo & The After Party) before any semen will be shipped/any resident mare will be inseminated.

Availability of Stallion (Fresh/Chilled Stallions ONLY): If, for any reason, the stallion is unavailable for fresh/chilled semen collection on the required day, frozen semen will be offered as an alternative.

Embryo Transfer: Nominations for Embryo Transfer (or any other advanced breeding technology) are entitled to one pregnancy only per nomination. Intention to use ET MUST be disclosed at the time of booking.

Multiple Pregnancies: All contracts, regardless of stallion or semen type entitle the purchaser to a maximum of one pregnancy. If multiple pregnancies are achieved from the same ET flush or procedure, a further full stud fee will be charged per pregnancy on confirmation of a heartbeat.

Covering Certificates: A Certificate of Insemination and Confirmation of Pregnancy Diagnosis is included with every consignment of chilled or frozen semen. These Certificates MUST be completed by your vet and returned to West Kington Stud Ltd. A Covering Certificate will NOT be issued unless this documentation is received.