Mare Services

West Kington Stud offers a complete breeding service, taking mares in for foaling, insemination and embryo transfer. We work closely with the highly experienced repro team from B&W Equine Vets to provide all of these services. Details of all of the packages available from B&W are available below.

A variety of stallions are resident to provide Fresh and Chilled semen throughout the breeding season, these can be browsed on our ‘Stallions at Stud’ page from where semen can be purchased online. Alongside these we have frozen semen from several hundred other stallions available from our frozen semen stores, many of which we hope to make available for purchase online soon.

Please contact our Stud Secretary, Kate Collings or Stud Manager, Harry Thirlby, who will be happy to help with any queries that you might have. For your guidance, all of our information is included below.


  • Valid health test certificates with negative results for CEM & EVA – dated within 30 days of arrival
  • Valid and up-to-date Equine Flu/Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination dated within 12 months of arrival and recorded in their passport
  • Signed declaration of health
  • Up-to-date passport


  • 1st March onwards – Mares accepted for Foaling Down
  • 1st April onwards – Mares accepted for AI & Embryo Transfer
  • 30th June – Last date that new arrivals will be accepted for the 2024 breeding season
  • 31st August – Stud closes to all mares and foals. You will be asked to remove your horses from the premises by this date.